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To join the modern gardening, you only need to 4 step !

 Introduction: The modern landscape gardening (Shenyang) Co., Ltd.  (a national registered trademark) design, development, production,  construction and post-conservation integrated companies, products and  projects in various regions throughout the country and overseas, the  price remains the country.
Main:  three-dimensional green, things ecological agriculture, plant wall  product engineering, ecological landscape engineering, irrigation  technology, production and sales. Flower, flower pots, planters, containers and other product sales soilless cultivation among the nation.
Factory:  The company is committed to the development of three-dimensional green,  intelligent agriculture, plant wall products and research and &nbs...

  Food Safety and Air China is the biggest problem encountered in the development of the future, the company is committed to organic vegetable gardening facilities (food safety), and smart irrigation technology (mainly address the high labor costs, and fertilizer utilization), and through the green and three-dimensional landscape project (to improve air quality and beautify the environment) for the development of the main line. A golden opportunity to take advantage of development of the Internet, we are not Internet + business, we are business entities + internet. History will prove the correctness of our gradual development. Establish their own organic vegetables and sightseeing agricultural base, and gradually expand brand awareness, make full use of their advantages to reduce costs and create a network layout and physical stores. Gradually establish their own distribution chain and chilled product tracing system construction

M flag engineering plant wall
Shenyang Taoxian International Airport
Meihekou modeling three-dimensional Green
Meihekou modeling three-dimensional Green
Fushun three-dimensional shape of the green
Eco-tourism park landscape
Wisdom Agricultural Sightseeing Garden
Tiled soilless cultivation
  1. TITLE M flag engineering plant wall Technology SIZE TIME IDES
  2. TITLE Shenyang Taoxian International Airport Technology Wall plants Wall Decor SIZE 200 ㎡ TIME 2012 IDES

    T2 Terminal project site is located in Shenyang Taoxian International Airport and lounges inside and so many, breaking the previous airport wall decoration. Airport for public spaces, plant wall to effectively improve the air quality inside the airport, making the airport look more vibrant.

  3. TITLE Meihekou modeling three-dimensional Green Technology SIZE TIME 2015 IDES
  4. TITLE Meihekou modeling three-dimensional Green Technology SIZE TIME 2015 IDES
  5. TITLE Fushun three-dimensional shape of the green Technology Colored grass sculpture SIZE TIME 2014 IDES
  6. TITLE Eco-tourism park landscape Technology Simulation modeling cement landscape SIZE 1200 ㎡ TIME 2013 IDES

    Eco Park area construction projects, construction area of 1,200 square meters, the main cement landscape modeling, production of landscape trees, landscape rockery. The eco-park-like landscape made nature scene, so that visitors feel like being on the outskirts of wonderland, make people remove fatigue, relieve stress.

  7. TITLE Wisdom Agricultural Sightseeing Garden Technology SIZE TIME 2014 IDES
  8. TITLE Tiled soilless cultivation Technology SIZE TIME 2013 IDES

Factory Company Profile

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